Roberto Ugolini Azzurro

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Roberto Ugolini
Lovers of the finest bespoke shoes from all over the world make a pilgrimage to Florence, in Via dei Michelozzi, located directly on the Piazza Santo Spirito. The inconspicuous entrance to the small shop is located between an osteria and a street café and could almost be overlooked. As modest as the exterior is, the bespoke shoes that Roberto Ugolini has been building in his workshop for over 20 years and that have long since achieved fame among connoisseurs around the world are just as spectacular.

Azzurro introduces itself with a wonderful, fruity prelude. Where you would otherwise often come across numerous citrus fruits, it is only the tart glow of the grapefruit, followed by clear and delicious strawberry notes, accompanied by coconut and a fruity-spicy hint of pink pepper. At the center is a completely unpretentious rose that, reserved but determined, directs the davana, which is reminiscent of dried fruits, as well as the sour, cheerful blackcurrant. It is also surrounded by a sparkling, luxurious champagne accent and an almost translucent, spring-like magnolia. Sensual amber and deep woody tones in the base as well as a fruity-looking musk complete the fragrance in the most charming way.


Styrax resin, musk

Damask rose, davana, black currant, champagne, magnolia

Base note Styrax, Musk

Heart note Damask Rose, Davana, Blackcurrant, Champagne, Magnolia

Top note Grapefruit, Strawberry, Coconut, Pink Pepper

Product Type Perfume