Tiziana Terenzi Comete Collection Tempel

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The Comet Temple is a short-period comet that appears punctually every six years. Its orbit takes it through our solar system, so that humans have already been able to visit it twice with space probes to research its secrets. Just like these grandiose secrets, the composition that gives this comet its name begins with a delicate but at the same time voluptuous head. Rare and precious Japanese lilies of the valley embrace the fleshiness of the magnolia and the hypnotic force of the daffodil. This unaffordable Japanese lily of the valley oil is the element that holds the entire composition together, from the head to the heart to the base. A heart of royal oud from Cambodia beats under the scent of the lily of the valley, making the scent intense and sensual. The composition is based on an opulent and intense bed of oud, this time a very rare Indian oud, which is emphasized by the seductive and aphrodisiac power of ambergris. TEMPLE is a fragrance of regal and precious character, perfect for true connoisseurs of natural, valuable oud oils, drawn by the hypnotic beauty of priceless flowers and the seductive power of amber.


Lily of the Valley, Oud


Lily of the valley, narcissus

Base note Lily Of The Valley, Oud

Heart note Oud

Top note Lily Of The Valley, Narcissus

Size 100ml

Product Type Perfume